Hi, my name is Candice, and once upon a time I was cool, fun, didn't need sleep, and never lost my patience. Now (thank g‑d) I'm a mom instead and with that responsibility came the birth of "The Art of The Chart."

"The Art of The Chart" is a coloring book that gears towards helping children find their path to a more positive routine. It is a hands-on activity book that gives children the incentive to improve their behavior while Learning their shapes and getting to color. Not to mention, it helps us parents in a most frustrating time!

It was barely three months after my second daughter was born when the terrible twos kicked in. My oldest daughter, Sophie, decided that she despised bath time and absolutely did not need her afternoon nap. I found myself threatening her constantly. The word "if" soon became my best friend, and just as quickly, my worst enemy. We had to find a way to fix things, to move on, and to get bathed! So we created our first chart filled with love, hope, and positivity. Sophie began reciting the poems on her own, as if they were a song. Not before long, she was bathing without a struggle. We accomplished our goal within a week and Sophie received her reward. She chose to go out "in the nighttime" with her dad, an evening she still talks about.

The Original Heart Chart

The Original Star Chart