What is "The Art of The Chart"?
The art of the chart is a series of behavioral charts in the form of a coloring book. It is designed to help parents motivate their children to become more efficient in which ever areas they may be struggling. It is written in a child friendly manner in order that the children feel a sense of connection to the book and it's purpose.
How long does it take to complete the charts?
Each chart has a different amount of parts to color in. The first page has seven, so it can be finished in a week, or even less. It truly depends on how many opportunities your child has to fill it in. There are five shape charts and each one increases in parts as the book goes on. The book can last as long as you need it to!
How does "The Art of The Chart" work?
If your child is having trouble listening, or simply needs a push in the right direction, this can be quite helpful. When your children behave they can fill in a part of their chart. When their chart is completed they can receive a prize, or an extra privilege.
How can I personalize the chart so that it helps my child with one certain chore or behavior issue?
The charts have been created with the philosophy that targets and addresses overall behavior. There is plenty of space on each page to draw a picture or describe the problem you are about to solve. You may also draw more lines in the charts if you feel your child needs more time before receiving his or her reward.
How quickly do you see results?
In some cases, you can see results in as quickly as a night or two! The children feel a sense of excitement knowing that they will be able to color in a part of their chart. It is a fun activity, even before they finish and receive their reward.
What are the recommended ages for "The Art of The Chart"?
Kids from two to twelve years old would benefit and enjoy filling in "The Art of The Chart." The older they get, the neater they color in each chart!
What do you recommend to use when filling in "The Art of The Chart"?
Any tool that your child loves using to color with would be great for filing in the charts. I have found crayons to be a great way of filling in the charts. (And they are not messy!) If your child is a little bit older it may be more effective if you allow him or her to use paint in the coordinating colors.
Where are some good places to keep "The Art of The Chart"?
I've found it most effective to place the book where your child can see at all times. Hanging it in the kitchen or their room will definitely help motivate them to complete the charts and gain a better routine more quickly.
What are some good ideas to use as rewards for the children once they complete each shape chart?
I've found it most helpful to allow the child to choose what he or she wants from before he or she starts the charts. It is definitely a great idea to offer them something that is out of the ordinary for them.
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