"My six year old daughter really benefited from this chart concept. She is the only girl in a family of five children and her nagging started to become excessive. This book really helped is nip our problem in the bud! She truly enjoyed coloring in each section to each chart. She felt very attached to her book and took it extremely seriously! It was great to see her so involved in helpers herself."
~Six year old Barbara's mom
""The Art of the Chart" is a beautifully creative coloring exercise with positive behavior modification in mind. Having been designed and created by a mother who values the tools to encourage positive behavior in children through art is extremely powerful. As a pediatrician for many years, I can attest to the importance of parents partnering with their children to encourage peaceful, creative and positive methods for a loving home."
~Stuart H. Ditchek, MD, FAAP Board Certified Pediat
""The Art of the Chart" is a great tool for shaping and incentivizing positive behavior. As a preschool teacher with a classroom full of students with varying needs, these charts provide an exciting way to encourage appropriate behavior, in an individualized manner. These charts are also great for carry-over, allowing parents to reinforce and promote positive activity at home. An amazing and easy to implement system for any parent or teacher of preschool age children! "
~Aviva Eisenberg, Preschool teacher, MS Early Child